How to choose your PDO thread?

For different part on the body and different beauty needs, you will need to choose the right type and size. Mono smooth, mono screw and the molding cog types are targeted at different parts of our body, and their effects are various too.

Mono Smooth

PDO Thread Mono Smooth Type is mainly used to tighten facial skin, smooth fine lines and improve skin conditions.

Most of the time there is no significant discomfort after implantation and the lifting effect appears gradually.

The two areas around the eyes and lips are special because there is no fat but muscle under the skin, so mono type thread is generally recommended for the two areas.

Relax muscles and smoothen wrinkles: when the smooth thread is buried in the muscular layer of the face, it achieves a relaxation of the muscles.

Whitening and moisturising: By improving blood circulation to the face, the skin is brightened and plumped.

Firming and plumping: When buried in the face, the threads form a fibrous wrap around the face, resulting in a tightening of facial tissues and a plumping and filling effect.

Mono Screw

The screw thread has a more pronounced tightening effect and is a universal thread for the face and body.

The tightening effect is more pronounced, when the screw thread is buried in the skin, it can stimulate the dermis more extensively to produce more fibrous connective tissue.

It has a more pronounced tightening effect than normal smooththread in improving jawline, lines, lines around the mouth, fine lines around the eyes and fine lines on the forehead.

The screw thread can also be used on the body, for butterfly sleeves, abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

Screw thread 25mm, 38mm: all parts of the face, with a firming, rejuvenating and tightening effect, for small and slight facial lines and depressions, can also achieve a certain filler effect.

Screw thread 50mm, 60mm & 90mm: both sides of the cheeks, the jaw, the abdomen and the buttocks, for firming, rejuvenation, tightening and weight loss.

Eye Thread

Eye thread is primarily used to address wrinkles, puffiness, tear troughs and prominent under-eye fat around the eyes.The skin is induced to regenerate collagen for a longer period of time.

Minimises bruising and swelling: The eye thread uses a 30G gauge needle and a W-blunt needle design to prevent bruising and swelling caused by the application.


Cog 3D Type Thread

PDO Thread Big-V Cog 3D, with its 360° rotating serrated structure, is effective in lifting and fixing, and can create a visual effect of a V-Face.

Big V Line advantages: the thread is thick and tough, the 360° serrated teeth can pull the skin tissue in all directions and can change the direction of the skin fascia, allowing for a wide range of use, a stronger lift and a longer effective time.

Areas of application: facial contour, chest, abdomen, buttocks, waist, arms and thighs